Wood Thrush Studio

Each piece I create emerges from the individual character of the materials at hand. I search for unique items, collaborating with small, local sawmills, and wandering the woods for inspiration. Wood, stone, metal, and resins all come together on the workbench to create engaging and functional designs.

The finish I most often use is a natural oil varnish made from boiled linseed oil and pine resin, and does not contain the heavy metals lead acetate and cobalt-manganese commonly used as driers. After the finish has cured, I apply carnauba wax, creating a natural non- toxic and food-grade surface.

There are some pieces I create that use synthetic resins and finishes. These finishes are also food safe when cured. Kitchen utensils and cutting boards are finished with food-grade mineral oil.

-Konrad E. Scheltema

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